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Integrative Therapeutics

integrative rehabilitation

Integrative Therapeutics is a company that provides integrative rehabilitation (electro-acupuncture, spine and joint manipulation, and instrument assisted soft-tissue massage) along with fitness services (primarily directed towards golfers) designed to restore neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction, and promote optimal health. Services are provided by clinicians with clinical Doctorates and certifications in Dry Needling, Spine and Joint Manipulation, Golf medical management, and strength and conditioning. Our target audience is primarily middle age golfers wanting to eliminate pain and improve their ability to play the game.

The challenge

The biggest challenge of the project was to come up with a solid, unique and yet a simple icon that would define the company and what it stands for, and it took me literally hundreds of different attempts and tests of positioning and details.

The Solution

Healing was amongst the crucial keywords I came up with to guide my concept creation process, and it immediately gave me the idea of incorporating a human head like shape on top of the initial letter of (Integrative), so as to give the feeling of healing, humanity and peace. And also I managed to incorporate a subtle letter T in the white space to give further personality to the brand.

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