Ahmed Designs


Emirates Gold Perfume

To design a logo and packaging for Dirham Emirates Gold Perfume that would capture the essence of traditional Arabian perfume pots and communicate the luxury and premium quality of the product.



The design process began with research into the history and cultural significance of traditional Arabian perfume pots. I sought to understand the intricate patterns, shapes, and materials used in these vessels, as well as their symbolic meaning as symbols of wealth and luxury.

Based on this research, I developed a design concept that combined elements of traditional Arabian design with contemporary design elements to create a modern and sophisticated look. The logo was designed to be circular, in the shape of a classic Arabian perfume bottle, and incorporated calligraphic and sans serif font to create a stylish and elegant look. A color palette of gold and black was chosen to emphasize the premium quality of the perfume.

For the packaging, I created multiple bottle options and incorporated intricate patterns, gold accents, and elegant typography. The result was a sleek and sophisticated design that effectively communicated the luxury and premium quality of the product.

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